"Remove yourself from your disputes, take the people you love and run to the wild places, you and your problems are infinitesimal" -F.A.

Remember Carly and her sweet tattoos?


Spring hangs, donuts and coffees. Lovely life.


I’m really liking these shots of Noah so here’s a few more.


Ultra dramatic selfie.


“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” 


Free Lensing & Catch Up Beers

I don’t see photos of me very often, but my buddy Matt Johnson snapped this over beers last night and I dig it. matthewjohnson Pv

Alix took my photo for a project, so I took her photo. 

It was early, I was not impressed.



Sheeps chillin in Dude Chillin.



The Hansen sisters. Lovely hike in the woods with friends.

Greatly appreciative of new friendships.

Shot on some very funky and very old polaroid 35mm film.


Noah writing his paper.



The analog photography meanderings of Pat Valade.
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